The attempt to escape, makes escape impossible.

FEATURE film - 95 min - Drama


Josef, a second-generation immigrant, with a strong connection to both communities is back to jail again. After a failed bank robbery and the following violent hunt by police cars and helicopters, he is again behind bars. Spite his criminal path, Josef with a good heart has a small lovely family, a little brother who knows nothing of his big adored brothers’ real life, and a caring mother.

Arriving in prison is also the young naive Chris, as a first-timer, he is rapidly subject for the higher ranked interns lead by Little Hitler, who brutally uses him as a courier. By his sense for the young ones and his little brother at mind, disturbed by the situation, Josef decides to help and teach Chris how to survive, as things rapidly escalate to the worse and out of control.

 Set inside and outside the prison, THE REGULARS is a story with a good heart and moral.

Starting as a drama it turns into brutal action. Both Josef (Leon Bashir) and Chris (Selem Zina) have been acclaimed for the play of their characters. Leon Bashir (also writer and director) has himself prison experience.  

The film switch between the present and the past.  

Title information

Title: The Regulars
Original title: Gjengangere
Director: Leon Bashir
Writer: Leon Bashir
Producers: Leon Bashir, Nina Johnsen
Genre: Drama
Duration: 95 min
Language: Norwegian
Subtitles: English
Release Date: 2017
Tagline: Back to jail
Cast: Leon Bashir (Izzat)
Selem Zina
Lars Arentz-Hansen
Lene Nystrøm (Aqua - Barbie Girl, Varg Veum)

Available: The world except: Nordics