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By love & law - forced into the unthinkable



It’s the late 1800’s and birdcatcher Esmar and his wife Johanna are trying to survive on the harsh dramatic cliffs of the Faroe Islands. Local law dictates that unless they have a son, an heir to the hold on their land, they will be evicted. When Johanna gives birth to their third daughter, with time on the lease running out, they become desperate. A friend, innkeeper Livia, suggests that the only way for Johanna to have a son is to be impregnated by another man. It’s unthinkable, but they are pushed to the brink. When they employ Livia’s lover, the ‘French Captain’ to do the deed, none of them can understand the ultimate consequences of their choices. A boy is born and, the land secured, he grows up the birdcather’s ‘son’. Everything seems perfect, until one day, 10 years later, the French Captain returns.

”Richard Hobert triumphs. Everythings works. Fantastic actors. A breakthrough for  Rudi Köhnke. A well told story. Sensitive direction. Enchanting production design. Fascinating cinematography. Perfect sound design.”
Johnny Månsson,

”Once again Hobert proves his feeling for finding exciting stories. Great acting. Vigdis Hentze Björck is completely convincing as Johanna.”
- Eric Diedrichs, Film Toppen

”A masterpiece. One of the most beautiful and well made films I have experienced since many years ago now. Skillfully and tenderly directed by Richard Hobert. Beautiful cinematography, fascinating locations, brilliant actors and an amazing, captivating story.”
- Rose Marie Södergren, KulturMagasinet Kulturbloggen

”Livia Millhagen is absolutely brilliant. An exciting story about courage, ethics and justice”
- Johan Croneman, Dagens Nyheter

”Prepare yourself for a real emotional journey!”
- Tilde de Paula, Efter Fem TV 4

”Richard Hobert´s best film ever.”
- Wanda Benjelloul, Nyhetsmorgon

Title information

Title: The Birdcatcher’s Son
Original title: Fågelfångarens Son
Director: Richard Hobert
Writers: Richard Hobert
Production company: GF Studios AB
Genre: Drama
Duration: 107 min
Language: Swedish | Faroese | French | Danish
Subtitles: English
Release Date: 2019
Tagline: By love & law - forced into the unthinkable
Cast: Rudi Køhnke, Vígdis Eliesersdóttir Hentze Bjørck, Livia Millhagen