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The landholder Såmal pays the tenant farmer Esmar and his pregnant wife Johannaa menacing visit. Esmar’s lease will expire in the fall according to the local laws. And if Esmar has no son, Såmal can give house and land to whomever he wishes. Unfortunately Johanna finally does give birth to their third daughter. Livia, a Swedish good friend and innkeeper, tells Johanna that evidently the only way they can hope to have a son is for another man to make Johanna pregnant. This suggestion makes Esmar feel hurt but they are both aware that they have no other choice. They ask for Livia’s assistance in finding a suitable man. But to Livia, the situation suddenly becomes very personal: Their final choice is a French Captain who is Livia’s lover. The French Captain receives Esmar’s and Johanna’s request with empathy, and he agrees to help them by making Johanna pregnant. No one foresees the consequences.

Title information

Title: The Birdcatcher’s Son
Original title: Fågelfångarens Son
Director: Richard Hobert
Writers: Richard Hobert
Producer: ?
Executive Producers: ?
Co-producers: ?
Production company: GF Studios AB
Genre: Drama
Duration: 107 min
Language: Swedish | Faroese | French | Danish
Subtitles: English
Release Date: 2019
Tagline: ?
Cast: Rudi Køhnke, Vígdis Eliesersdóttir Hentze Bjørck, Livia Millhagen