A Former Red Army special troop soldier, unwillingly drawn into a murder plan, he must fight for his life to survive. Based on Matti Rönkä's best selling crime novels "A Man With A Killer's Face" and "Souvenirs From Moscow"

Feature Film - 94 min - crime | thriller


Former soldier of the Red Army special troops, Viktor Kärppä, has settled in Finland and would like to be a respectable family man. Kärppä makes a living doing all kinds of projects (not all of them completely legal), realises that his marriage is almost on the rocks. Before Kärppä manages to work things out with his wife Marja he finds out that his trails have led him to a great danger as he has unwillingly become part of the plan to assassinate the new democratic president of Russia. Soon both contract killers and security service are chaising after him. To save himself, his family and the president, Kärppä needs help from his police friend Korhonen and his brother Aleksei.


THE LOOK OF A KILLER, is based on Matti Rönkä's best selling crime novels "A Man With A Killer's Face" and "Souvenirs From Moscow" about Viktor Kärppä, a former elite soldier of The Red Army. 

The feature THE LOOK OF A KILLER follows the earlier tv-series LOOK OF A KILLER (2011). 

A second feature about Viktor Kärpää, based on the novel "A Dead Man In A Foreign Country" is in development. 

Preliminary delivery early 2018.



Director's Statement

Viktor Kärppä, played by Samuli Edelmann, is a man of many dimensions – an exquisite character, who has to find his way out of a dangerous situation. The world of The Look of a Killer is full of shades of grey. In the film the hierarchies of good and evil are a delicious mix, also in Kärppä’s private life, under threat due to his work. The Look of A Killer is a bona fide Nordic crime film spiced with Slavic melancholy and robust humor.

Title Information

English title: THE LOOK OF A KILLER


Directed by: Lauri Nurkse

Written by: Mika Ripatti & Seppo Vesiluoma

Genre: Crime / Thriller

Duration: 94 min

Language: Finnish | Russian

Subtitles: English | Swedish

Producers: Teea Hyytiä & Sari Lempiäinen

Cast: Samuli Edelmann, Martti Suosalo, Ville Haapasalo, Marja Ylipää, Krista Kosonen

Screen ratio: 2.39:1

Production Company: Zodiak Finland Oy

Theatrical Premiere: Feb. 5th 2016 (Finland)