They are lethal to men. Without men, they won’t survive.

Tv-series - 12x44 min - Fantasy | Romance


When Didi, a young, pretty, small town girl, makes love to her boyfriend for the first time, the boy dies. Eventually, Didi, meets two (remarkable) women, Kati and Nadia, who tell her she is no ordinary girl; like Kati and Nadia, she is a Nymph. A totally new way of life with new rules and boundaries, a life where she must leave her old family and friends behind.

The nymphs have escaped from the tyranny of the satyrs to live on their own among humans. One of them, Didi, could turn out to be the Legend. The one that many stories have been told about, the one who could lead the nymphs to freedom.

Once a month, a nymph has to have sex with a man. If she does not, she will grow old during the next night of the full moon – so old she will reach death’s door. However, nymphs, especially young ones, are lethal to men. Because of Didi, the three nymphs are soon in danger of revealing their ancient secret to humans. To make the situation even more challenging, the trio has the police and the satyrs’ best hunters after them. That Didi falls madly in love with a young medical student, Samuel, doesn’t make things any easier for them.

As we have learned from numerous tragedies from the past, nothing good will ever come of relationships between humans and divine beings…




The series is unique in its ability to adapt Digital Product Placement – DPP, this makes the series highly adaptable to local markets.

The TV-series first season is based on the first of three novels to be released. The first novel was release in 2013, the second in 2014 and the third in 2015. A feature film and second season in development to the Nymphs franchise.

The book-series is currently licensed to the following:

Finland | Gummerius Publishing
English speaking world | Headline Publishing Group, UK (part of Hachette)
The Netherlands | House of Books
Spanish speaking world | Deaplaneta
Italy | Sperling & Kupfer (part of Mondadori)
French speaking world | Presses de la Cite
Germany speaking world | Fischer Verlag
Brazil | Gutenberg Publishing
Russia/C.I.S. | Hemiro, Family Leisure Club & Bertelsman
Norway | Improba / Juritzen
Turkey | Epsilon Publishing House
Latvia | Jumava
Estonia | Varrak
Poland | Galeria Ksiazki
Thailand | Post Publishing
Korea | He Korea Economic Daily

Title Information

English title: Nymphs
Original title: Nymfit
Genre: Fantasy drama
Run time: 12 x 44 minutes
Air date: 2013 fall
Country of origin: Finland
Original language: Finnish
Directed by: Miikko Oikkonen
Written by: Miikko Oikkonen, Antti Pesonen, Annina Holmberg
Executive producer: Matti Halonen
Director of photography: Mika Orasmaa
Production company: Fisher King Production Oy

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