Only the finest ingredients. 100% dead meat!

Feature film - 79 min - Horror | Comedy


A busload of American teenage clichés – jocks, cheerleaders and nerds –are on a cultural trip through Europe. Deep down in the European woods they find a mysterious hamburger stand, selling 100% American meat.

At a visit to the hamburger factory, they make the shocking discovery that American burgers are something completely different from what they are used to…The trip turns into a struggle for survival and they learn lessons about friendship, sex, and to never visit a fast food chain again…

Title Information

Title: American Burger
Directors: Bonita Drake &
Johan Bromander

Writers: Bonita Drake &
Johan Bromander

Producer: Anna G. Magnúsdóttir,
Anders Granström

Production Company: LittleBig Productions
Genre: Comedy | Horror
Duration: 80 min
Language: English
Release Date: 17th of October 2014
Tagline: You'll never eat burgers again!
Cast: Fredrik Hiller
Liam Macdonald
Ben Thornton

Available: The world excluding: Sweden, France and Japan.