Princess Bluerose in a new adventure - The Quest for the Mystic Horn

Feature film - 85 min - family


The anticipated 3D sequel to the succesful children’s adventure feature MAGIC SILVER (2009). This time the red gnomes are threatened by a huge glacier and the only thing that can stop it is a powerful but mysterious horn.

Title information

Title: Magic Silver 2
Original title: Blåfjell 2 - Jakten på det magiske horn
Director: Arne Lindtner Naess
Writers: Gudny Ingebjorg Hagen & Thomas Moldestad
Genre: Family
Duration: 85 min
Language: Norwegian
Subtitles: English
Release Date: 2011
Tagline: The Quest for the Mystic Horn
Cast: Simen Bakken
Sigve Boe
Nikoline Ursin