Back to jail

FEATURE film - 95 min - Drama


Full time criminal Josef has spent most of his grown life in prison. His brother dies, he robs another bank, and is back in jail again, where he meets the young naive boy Chris, which he tries to learn better than following a criminal path.

Title information

Title: The Regulars
Original title: Gjengangere
Director: Leon Bashir
Writer: Leon Bashir
Producers: Leon Bashir, Nina Johnsen
Genre: Drama
Duration: 95 min
Language: Norwegian
Subtitles: English
Release Date: 2017
Tagline: Back to jail
Cast: Leon Bashir (Izzat)
Selem Zina
Lars Arentz-Hansen
Lene Nystrøm (Aqua - Barbie Girl, Varg Veum)

Available: The world except: Nordics