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“The small states are the whores of capitalism.” - Jossif Stalin

Tv-series - 10x45 min - DramA | HISTORY | WAR

Based on a bestselling book, this historical crime drama is set against the backdrop of the world-shattering months of 1939.


Savvy madame Kukk has to look after her business, as well as each and every girl of her small upscale brothel. Among the wealthy and powerful clientele are the local bigwigs, Baltic Germans and the highranking officiers of the invading Red Army, all having a different agenda and liaisons, inside and outside of the brothel. It’s a story of love, power and betrayal as the world is about to change forever. Famous historical events unfold through the eyes of the girls – each with their own means to fight with and a love to fight for. 
The all times highest rated Estonian TV series on IMDB

Small countries are the whores of capitalism
— Josef Stalin
Audience favourite and Estonias all times highest rated series.

Title Information

Original Title: Litsid

Genre: Drama | History | War

Duration: 10 x 45 min

Original language: Estonian, English, German, Russian

Directed by: Mart Sander

Written by: Mart Sander

Production company: OÜ Reede

Produced by: Mart Sander, Tuuli Roosma

Production year: 2018

Cast: Merle Palmiste, Andres Dvinjaninov, Gerda Johnson

Eyewell sales: The world excluding Estonia, North and South America