A gentle young  immigrant with a dark secret and hopes of finding a new home and serenity

Feature film - 110 min - Drama | Horror | Thriller


Israel, early 1970's. The young country is in euphoria after the glorious win in the "Six Day War"... But something evil is waiting in the shadows. On Yom Kippur, the most important of Jewish holidays, a sinister enemy will attack without warning, and threat to destroy everything in its path, plucking the sins out of the Kibbutz "Et Reiim". 

Rachel Strode is a gentle young  immigrant with a dark secret in her past, arriving to Israel with hopes of finding a new home and serenity. On Yom Kippur, she will find that peace and comfort are shadowed by a dark and violent force, out to destroy her and her free spirited friends, in the name of a holy mission that shows no mercy.  

What begins as a dramatic and cinematic touching story, with strong moral conscience and social commentary, turns into a hellish bloodbath, filled with action, thrills and chills.  

Children of the Fall does what no other Israeli film did in history - Talk about the open wound of a collective mental scar in a universal manner, that can relate to any film viewer in the world, wrapped in a surprising genre shell. 

Children of the Fall is not only a Horror film - It's a Horror Thriller with strong social conscience, that brings strong drama and character development into the bloody genre, with a clear intention to give the audience things to think about, once all the screams and chills are over...

Just like in the good old days of the 1970's. Although the film is set in Israel, its message is a global one; Children of the Fall deals with critical problems that thrive in our day to day life - The diversity in our societies in general, and in Israel specifically, will teach Rachel, that accepting those who are different from you is not a task easily done.

Our volunteers are foreigners in a new land; a land built by people who survived the most horrific of horrors, and everyone who is not a Jew reminds them of the dark days. But not all Local characters are afraid; there are some who see the light in every dark spot, and our film will tell their story, and raise important and burning questions: What if the unknown is what will save us? What if our enemy is not who we think it is? What if there are forces among us, who take their fear to the unhealthy - not to say - criminal extreme?

The film  is shot on beautiful anamorphic 1:2.35 aspect ratio, dark and ominous, filled with great fun, gore and mystery, and is set in one of Israel’s most important national symbols: The Kibbutz.

Rachel is played by the up and coming international talent Noa Maiman. Yaron, her guide in the Kibbutz, is played by Aki Avni, Israel's most respected leading man, who also maintains an international career (including major parts in American television and films). Sam, the mysterious man who lives at the edge of the Kibbutz, is played by Genre icon Michael Ironside, known for his powerful performances in "Total Recall", "Starship Troopers", "Top Gun", and many more.

The Film was supported by the Israel Film Fund, and is to be released in 2018.

Title Information

Title: Children of the Fall
Original title: Children of the Fall
Director: Eitan Gafny
Writer: Eitan Gafny
Producers: Tom Goldwasser, Yafit Shalev, Yariv Horowitz
Genre: Drama | Horror | Thriller
Duration: 110 min
Language: English, Hebrew
Subtitles: English
Release Date: 2018
Tagline: Some sins cannot be atoned
Cast: Noa Maiman
Aki Avni (Damascus Cover, HaMidrasha, Universal Soldier: Regene
Michael Ironside (X-Men: First Class, Terminator: Salvation)

Available: The world except: Israel