The enemy is not who you think it is. 

Feature Film - 98 min - Action | Thriller


A city is infected by a virus that turns people into monsters. To prevent the infection from spreading, the military quarantines the city.

A few non-infected – ethnical Swedes and immigrants – fight to survive the war zone, and take shelter simultaneously in the ancient citadel. As the infected close in, the old animosities escalate to boiling point – at which time, they have to decide who the real enemy is: the infected outside - or the old enemy inside?

At the same time, they discover a secret – a secret that changes not only the way they see the infection, but, also, the way they see themselves.

Now they have to bring this secret beyond the perimeter – before the military unleashes a fire storm, potentially turning the city into a sea of flames.

Operation Ragnarok is an exciting and gripping action drama about seeing beyond our projections – our fear of what is foreign. Operation Ragnarok is packed with fast-paced action, shoot-outs and explosions – as well as drama, romance, comic relief, colorful characters and neck braking plot twists.
And, above all, heart.
— Fredrik Hiller, Director

Title Information

Directed by: Fredrik Hiller

Written by: Fredrik Hiller

Genre: Action | Thriller

Prod year: 2017

Duration: 99 min

Producers: Anna G. Magnusdottir, Anders Granström, Fredrik Hiller, Thabo Malmén, David Hanna

Screen ratio: 2.35:1

Production Company: Kruthuset & LittleBig Productions



Cast: Jonas Malmsjö (Real Humans, The Sandhamn Murders)
Per Ragnar (Let the Right One In, Storm)