Liberation was just the beginning...

Feature film - 88 min - drama | horror


Summer, 1945. Eight children from Gross Rosen concentration camp find a provisional hiding place in a nearby abandoned orphanage, hidden deep within the forest. After escaping the horrors of war, these feral children strive to return to a normal life, but suddenly, their idyllic, peaceful quietness is interrupted. Encroaching from all sides within the forest, wolfhounds are circling. Released by SS officers before the liberation of Gross Rosen, these bloodthirsty hounds – taught to brutalize and kill prisoners with extreme precision – surround the orphanage. As their attempts to escape fail, these starving, thirsty children are driven mad - and back into the wilderness - but the true danger lurks inside the ramshackle palace they now call home.

Title information

Title: Werewolf
Original title: Wilkolak
Director: Adrian Panek
Writers: Adrian Panek
Genre: Drama | Horror
Duration: 88 min
Language: Polish
Subtitles: English
Release Date: 2018
Tagline: Liberation was just the beginning...
Cast: Kamil Polnisiak
Nicolas Przygoda
Sonia Mietielica

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